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PADI Open Water Course

PADI Open Water Course

Get your 18 meter Worldwide PADI diving licence in 3 days
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James Bond Island

James Bond Island

Its virginal beauty will take your breath away. The boat...
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Game Fishing Day Trip

Game Fishing Day Trip

One of the world's top fishing destinations, Phuket offers...
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Similan Dive Sites

Waterfall Bay

Thailand Divers

A small bay to the south of Turtle Rock, Waterfall Bay has a tiny waterfall starting from the top of the hill in the rainy season that allows boats to refill water, but does not supply enough water in the dry season.The coral reefs slope down to a maximum depth of about 20 meters.

The coral reefs slope down to a maximum depth of about 20 meters. The average depth is about 10 to 15 meters, and there is and abundance of hard coral such as pore coral, brain coral, and staghorn coral. The north of the bay is made up of large rocks and soft corals that continue to all the way to Turtle Rock. Waterfall Bay dive site is located on the Northwest side of Similan Island number 8. The name comes from the waterfall flowing in the bay during the rainy season. The current is usually gentle. You can see all of the usual reef fishes of the Andaman Sea and turtles are quite common.
Thailand Divers

Marine Life

Reef fish and sea turtles are common. At night, creatures that often seen including big lobsters, coral crabs in crevices, as well as parrotfish sleeping in mucous cocoons in an attempt to protect themselves from predators like giant morays.

Some of the smaller creatures include anemone crabs, boxer shrimp, nudibranchs, and flatworms. You may see nurse sharks on occasion.

Dive Tip

Good for night diving, because of the mild current and shallow depth. In addition, boats can stay overnight here. You can start the dive from the buoy, the swim around the bay area (northern or southern areas of the bay are both fine). Do not worry about finding your way back, as the area is not very large.

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