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PADI Open Water Course

PADI Open Water Course

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James Bond Island

James Bond Island

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Game Fishing Day Trip

Game Fishing Day Trip

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Similan Dive Sites

Rocky Point

Thailand Divers

These submerged rocks are located to the northeast of island 9 or north of Breakfast bend and Christmas Point. Marked by a buoy about one kilometer north of the island, the huge boulders are surrounded by large areas of sand around the islands.

The formations of adhering rock create holes and a swim-through at a round 20 meters. The northern boulders extend to below 35 meters. Remarkably in the southern area, a steep gigantic boulder forms a scenic, elongated channel near the island are shallow fringe reefs that consist of staghorn and hard corals, stretching all the way from the northeast to the northwest. About 300 meters to the northwest of the site lies another pinnacle. This fantastic pinnacle is totally covered with soft corals and giant sea fans. However, the top of the pinnacle is about 30 meters and falls steeply between 40 and 45 meters, which is deep for recreational diving. Please note that there is no covering for this pinnacle and the shallower site, so heading back from the pinnacle may not be a pleasant swim. However, you may be rewarded with the site of leopard sharks resting in the sand.
Thailand Divers

Marine Life

Resting on the sand, sometimes close to the boulders are leopard sharks and white tip reef shark. Besides the sharks, the sand is also a habitat for many gobies and shrimps. In addition, Khul’s stingrays are always found buried under the sand.

Schools of giant trevally, blue fin trevally, goatfish, surgeonfish, and unicornfish often visit this site. Many of the smaller creatures that appear here include nudibranchs, pipefish, purple fire gobies, and octopuses. Lastly, near the shallow corals, divers usually have the opportunity to encounter turtles.

Dive Tip

This site is good for a day dive. You can choose to dive at the deep outside or the shallow part close to the island. Avoid decompression dives and stay close to the boulders, as strong currents outside the boulders may cause divers to be swept out to the open sea and it may be difficult to swim back to the boulders. In the shallow areas, there are coral gardens which are suitable for safety stops, where you may see turtles.

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