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Racha Noi & Racha Yai Islands - 3 Dive Day Trip

Best scuba diving trip – come with us for the day to these amazing islands located of the Phuket coastline.

Racha Noi island is the best diving location with a chance of diving alongside the magical oceanic Manta Ray in the Phuket area.

Tropical coral reefs from 12 – 30 meters so this scuba diving day trip is suitable for all certified scuba divers.

Phi Phi Islands
3 Dive Day Trip

Phi Islands are just as beautiful under the water as they are above the waterline.

Come and dive alongside Hawksbill and Green Turtles whilst diving along the multi coloured coral reefs surrounding Phi Phi Islands.

This day trip is suitable for any certified scuba diver and is also a fantastic snorkeling destination.

Scuba diving tours phuket

Shark Point & Wreck Dive 3 Dive Day Trip

This trip has the most varied diving – a wall dive, wreck dive and a coral reef dive all in one day.

Ist dive – Koh Doc Mai (wall dive), 2nd dive – King Cruiser (wreck dive), 3rd dive – Shark Point (reef dive).

King Cruiser wreck dive is a 28 meter dive – so this day trip is only suitable for Advanced open water divers and above.

Racha Yai Island
2 Dive Day Trip

This is the perfect day trip for anyone looking for a shorter day trip – as we have you back to your hotel at 4pm.

The coral reefs are between 10 – 25 meters so this trip is suitable for all level of scuba divers.

Racha Yai island is the best snorkeling destination around Phuket – so if your partner is not a diver then this is a perfect trip for you both.

Red Tailed Butterflyfish

Scuba Diving Tours Phuket

Phuket has a huge variety of scuba diving tours that are easily accessible for a day trip.There is something for everyone – from the amazing tropical coral reefs at the Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi Islands to the King Cruiser Wreck and the soft corals at Shark Point, you’ll find every dive offers something different.

If you are new to scuba diving then we conduct the Discover Scuba Diving trip at Koh Racha Yai island due to its shallow tropical coral reefs and low currents – this is just the perfect scuba diving location for your first scuba diving experience.

If you have a non diver in your group then all the scuba diving tours Phuket listed above are suitable except the King Cruiser wreck dive day trip which is only suitable for Advanced Open Water divers and above. 

All our scuba diving tours Phuket include a full set of rental scuba diving equipment so you do not need to fill your suitcase with your scuba diving equipment and snorkleing equipment is also provided to all non divers for free.

If you would like a private divemaster for any of the scuba diving tours Phuket then we can accommodate this but there is an extra change for this – the maximum scuba diving group size is 4 divers to one divemaster. Our scuba diving tours Phuket run all year round so no matter when you are coming to Phuket come and enjoy one of our scuba diving tours Phuket.